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eShow Madrid 2019: First to participate in the leading, digital marketing event of the year

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eShow Madrid 2019: First to participate in the leading, digital marketing event of the year

The leading digital marketing event in Madrid, eShow 2019, will take place on October 29 – 30, and First Workplaces will be in attendance to showcase the latest model for their flexible workspaces. During the event, attendees will have the opportunity to see an exact replica of a First workspace, where realtime One to One meetings between professionals will also be taking place.

The eShow has become one of the most important events of the year, bringing together professionals from the online world to talk about trends in technology, marketing, e-commerce, etc. Throughout the two day event, visitors can listen to presentations from more than 250 national and international speakers, or participate in one of the 400 different on-site activities, ranging from seminars, debates, masterclasses and more. Visitors can also visit the 150 exhibitors in attendance.


First debuts at the eShow Madrid 2019

This year First wanted to take advantage of the eShow Madrid 2019 to highlight its philosophy and vision: flexibility, efficiency, innovation, experience and sustainability.

The “One to One” space, that will also host private meetings between clients and suppliers during the event, will be fitted with all the furniture, comforts and services that real First customers can enjoy. Attendees will have the opportunity to see first-hand a flex office in Madrid and, of course, are then invited to also visit any of the emblematic and well connected locations.

Oficinas y espacios Coworking First Workplaces

The eShow Madrid 2019 serves as an important milestone for First, and an opportunity to serve as a benchmark for the future of work spaces. Juan Manuel Escuerdo, Marketing Director at First, recently sat down to explain the details of this exciting collaboration.


First: How did the collaboration with eShow Madrid 2019 come about? What values ​​do First Workplaces and eShow have in common?

Juan Manuel Escuredo: The eShow is the meeting place between entrepreneurship and technology, two pillars that fully align with First’s vision and values. For this reason, the mutual understanding between both organizations was immediate.

In our first conversation, we discussed a generic sponsorship – but from there, we began to collaborate, and came up with the idea of sponsoring the “One to One” meeting space. We loved the concept, and as a result, we agreed to sponsor both the Madrid edition and the April 2020 edition in Barcelona.

F .: What does it mean for First to be the official sponsor at this event?

J.M.E .: It is a great responsibility. It is the biggest marketing effort First will undertake this year, and the next – so expectations are very high. The exposure this event will bring from the thousands of attendees raises the level of demand even more (if possible!).

F .: How will First be participating in eShow Madrid 2019?

J.M.E .: First will sponsor the “One to One” meeting area, with a very original and attractive proposal: showcase an exact replica of a First center directly at the eShow Madrid 2019. Our aim here is to offer attendees the opportunity to experience the true flexibility and comfort of a First center, without ever leaving the event.

Oficinas y espacios Coworking First Workplaces

Therefore all VIP guests, or attendees who have scheduled a meeting with one of the exhibitors, will have the opportunity to do so in a First center scenario: complete with original furniture, room design, and all the comforts that we offer to our customers and regular guests.

F .: What goals does First intend to achieve by participating in an event of this magnitude?

J.M.E .: To make First flexible workspace known to the greater community of entrepreneurs, marketing and e-commerce agencies in the country.

F .: What differential value does First offer to those companies that are looking for a space to prosper and grow?

J.M.E .: Above all, flexibility. We are aware that the situation of a start-up, in fact for many companies, changes very quickly. Today you may have three employees, but the following week a big client signs on and you suddenly need to expand to nine. This is where First easily allows you to expand – or reduce – your space, depending on the reality of your growing business.

Similarly, having access to common spaces, meeting rooms, etc., ensures that you will never run out of space. We also allow our customers to use the facilities at any of our eight First centers around the country, not just their usual one.

F .: The event revolves around technology and innovation, what challenges do these factors pose for the growth and development of flex spaces in the future?

J.M.E .: Again, flexibility is key. As projects grow, positions expand according to these projects, and having the right space is fundamental to developing them correctly.

We also offer space or meeting rooms for those digital nomads who are in Madrid today, and off to Barcelona tomorrow.

F .: As Marketing Director, how are you advancing with plans to bring your spaces, and services, to companies in other Spanish cities besides Madrid?

J.M.E .: In our growth plan we contemplate expanding in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as some other major cities in the country.

While these two cities are our main goal, we also want to reach those smaller cities where the concept of flexible space is not as well known, and they are still anchored in traditional rental offices. We are sure that our reception will be very good.

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