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Design your Sales Plan with the Lean Sales Method

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Design your Sales Plan with the Lean Sales Method

A unique workshop

/ At our Plaza Castilla First center, we had the privilege of hosting a unique workshop focused on the creation of sales plans using the Lean Sales Method. We were fortunate to have Ángel Garrorena (Founder of Lean Sales) as the main speaker, along with the special participation of other distinguished guest speakers: Yago Vizoso (Sales Representative, Google), Jorge Gil (Scaleup Manager, Google), and Cris Mazarrasa (Associate, Lean Sales).

Together, they shared invaluable insights on crafting individual or company sales plans, designing effective strategies, identifying and generating resources, and adapting to the constant changes in the commercial market landscape.

What did they learn in these sessions?

  • Customized sales plan design.
  • Development of effective and efficient sales strategies.
  • Identification and generation of key resources for sales activities.
  • Evolution to meet the ever-changing commercial needs.
12/12/2023 - 14/12/202316:00 - 20:00

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