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Unravelling Digital Marketing with Tristán Elósegui at Plaza Castilla First

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Unravelling Digital Marketing with Tristán Elósegui at Plaza Castilla First

On Thursday, September 21st, Plaza Castilla First became the epicentre of Digital Marketing

In a captivating evening held on Thursday, September 21st at Plaza Castilla First, Forum 8A, attendees had the opportunity to delve into the intriguing universe of digital marketing with Tristán Elósegui, a mentor with over 20 years of experience.

A revealing event that left a lasting impression

Participants witnessed a profound and revealing analysis of the reasons behind the most common pitfalls in digital strategies. Tristán Elósegui shared effective strategies to overcome challenges and take digital marketing strategies to the next level.

An exclusive invitation that made a difference

The in-person event not only offered valuable insights but also provided an exclusive opportunity for those wishing to enhance their digital strategies. Attendance was limited, but those who secured their spot not only enjoyed the enlightening talk but also received a complimentary copy of Tristán Elósegui’s latest book, “Marketing for Entrepreneurs.”

Discover the keys to business success in “Marketing for Entrepreneurs.”

In his latest book, Tristán Elósegui shares a revealing excerpt distilled from decades of experience in digital marketing. “Marketing for Entrepreneurs” provides a practical and easy-to-follow guide to making the most of digital tools and building a strong online presence.

Conclusion: Transform your approach to Digital Marketing

Don’t miss the opportunity to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level. Although the event has passed, you can still benefit from the valuable lessons and perspectives shared by Tristán Elósegui. Stay tuned for future opportunities to be informed about exclusive events that can make a difference in your digital marketing strategy. Until the next transformative experience!


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