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OPTIMIZA 2023: Innovation, Sustainability, and Real Estate Strategies shaping the future

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OPTIMIZA 2023: Innovation, Sustainability, and Real Estate Strategies shaping the future

Plaza Castilla First as the epicenter of OPTIMIZA 2023

On Wednesday, July 5th, the Auditorium of First workplaces Plaza de Castilla, located at Paseo de la Castellana No. 216 (Torre Realia), became the epicenter of the XI Forum on Management and Optimization of Real Estate Assets, known as OPTIMIZA 2023. The event, organized by Cesine and the magazine Metros2, attracted the attention of professionals from the real estate sector who gathered from 9:00 am to participate in this unique experience.

Reflections from OPTIMIZA 2023 on Sustainability and Asset Transformation

José María Álvarez, director of Metros2, and Óscar García Toledo, general manager of First workplaces, inaugurated the day, welcoming the attendees. The moderation was led by Rafael Cauqui, manager of Asset Management at Renfe, who expertly guided the various interventions of the distinguished speakers.

Blanca Pérez-Angulo, general director of Homu Project, shared her vision on asset repositioning, emphasizing the importance of thoroughly understanding each asset, its market context, and projections for its evolution. She highlighted the crucial role of the project manager in this process.

Luis Sancho Formoso, director of Eigo+, addressed the renovation of industrial assets, illustrating with practical examples such as the transformation of a slaughterhouse in Getafe (Madrid) into a state-of-the-art logistics platform. He emphasized the importance of obtaining sustainability certifications to compete in the market.

Joana García, national head of Prescription at BEG, focused her intervention on the growing importance of sustainability and post-pandemic health. She highlighted key objectives such as versatile environments, flexibility, green areas, and the pursuit of natural light for asset optimization.

Closing the event, Marc Blasco, CEO of Simbioe, highlighted digital dialogue as an essential tool for real estate management. Focusing on digital communication among the parties involved in asset refurbishment, he emphasized the easy and reliable data acquisition, allowing decision-makers to focus on decision-making.

As a post-event novelty, Óscar García Toledo and his team offered a brief guided tour of the Torre Realia facilities, providing attendees with the opportunity to explore the concept of flexible office space in this emblematic Madrid building.

OPTIMIZA 2023 emerged as a space for knowledge and exchange, where the perspectives of sector leaders outlined the future of real estate management, with sustainability standing out as the greatest challenge to overcome.


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