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7 tips for landing the perfect naming for your branding strategy

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7 tips for landing the perfect naming for your branding strategy

What name should I give my business or product? In this post you will learn how to find that perfect naming, step-by-step.

You have the idea, the business plan, the budget … so all you’re missing the naming to get your business started. The name of your brand, product or service is essential for entering the market and to start selling.

What is brand naming?

The term naming is commonly used in marketing to refer to the creative process by which the name of a brand is created, taking into account its products or services.

This process is a fundamental part of every branding strategy, and also plays a key role when it comes to planning a company’s marketing and advertising strategies. Additionally, along with the naming, a specific corporate identity is generated, aligned with the values ​​and attributes of the project.

Given that a brand’s name is first thing that consumers will come across, we recommend keeping it clear, simple, easy to pronounce and, above all, very appealing.

So, how to find the right naming for your business?

Finding a suitable name for your brand is not something usually achieved in a couple of hours. In reality, it is a laborious process in which a series of essential steps must be followed.

1. Be patient

Don’t rush to find the perfect naming. This search requires time, a lot of creativity and large doses of patience.

2. Start with the basics

Whether you’re looking for a name for your company or for your product, start with the fundamentals: describe in detail what you want to “baptize.” The naming must perfectly represent the product/service in question, so it is important to be clear about what it is, how it is, for whom …

3. Do a brainstorming

This is the central part of the whole process: write all the names you can think of, taking into account all the information collected so far.

Spend time on it, ask for others to contribute ideas and never discard any suggestion too early. At this point, the more options, the better!

Naming strategy for your business

4. The final test

Before becoming fond of any name, it is important that you review the entire list and check which ones are already registered by other brands. Of course, these ideas will have to be immediately discarded. It’s also important to check that web domains related to your chosen name are available.

7 tips for choosing your naming

How should you face that long list of options? How many do you have? Forty? Fifty? To be able to choose the optimal name for your brand, we recommend following these tips:

1. New, unique and different

In order to differentiate yourself from the competition and capture the attention of customers, your name must evoke originality and novelty. Therefore, give priority to those that are new, unique and different.

2. Flexibility

A flexible name will have a much longer life. Think about whether, for example, you plan to expand to other countries to choose one that is easy to pronounce in other languages. Or, for example, if it is valid for other sectors if your company diversifies.

3. Easy to pronounce, read and write

In your branding strategy, remember that less is always more. Simple names that are easy to pronounce, read and write are much easier for consumers to remember.

Naming strategy for your business

4. Keep it simple

The shorter the better is quite often the case when it comes to naming. As well as being easier to remember, the internet domain will be shorter, making it easier to position. This also means that in social networks, you won’t come across issues with character counts.

5. Suggestive and evocative

What do you want your name to transmit? We recommend chosing a suggestive and evocative term, given that associations that refer to concepts are more powerful, impactful and easy to retain.

6. Positive

Avoid any kinds of negative associations with your name. It is important to confirm if it has a meaning in any other languages in order to avoid errors or unwanted meanings.

7. Euphony

This essentially means, does the name sound good when said out loud? There are brands that have stronger sound than others when pronounced and the acoustic effect is very important. L, D, T and R are considered to have a positive auditory effect; while the G, K, X and J do not.

Remember that words have “powers” and are capable of provoking a consumer’s feelings and emotions. Work on your naming and take the time to discover the one that best defines you in order to boost your sales. With these tips, you will find it.

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